Student Attendance

Some basic guidelines governing student attendance:

1. All excuse notes must be submitted to the school's front desk upon student's return to school. Parents notes will only be accepted up to three days after the student's return.

2. Students are issued an excuse note receipt upon submission; however, the receipt is only proof that an excuse was turned in. PowerSchool records will verify if the student's absence was excused or not.

3. If a student is to be out for a prolonged period of time (i.e. death in the family or illness), parent/guardian must arrange for a Pre-Arranged Absence with the school's attendance office.

4. Please see the Assistant Principal for attendance if there are any questions or concerns regarding a student's attendance. Call 653-2313 to make an appointment.

All SSHS attendance guidelines are in line with GDOE District Attendance SOPs and Board Policies.

The school attendance officer (SAO) for SSHS is Vince Acfalle.